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Traditional Celtic Music

Bolt The DoorPoisoned Dwarf plays driving traditional Celtic music, and for them, the tunes matter most.  Focusing primarily on Irish traditional music, and with acoustic instruments only, this band from Williamsburg, Virginia has entertained audiences in many different settings for years.

The Irish flute, whistle, guitar, Scottish Small-Pipes, banjo, a variety of percussion instruments (including bones and bodhran), accordion, and of course fiddle are all brought to the dance for Poisoned Dwarf performances.

Their love for the music and the playing of it is always obvious from the first note, so while listening to and seeing Poisoned Dwarf’s melting of one tune after another, you’ll dance.

Poisoned Dwarf is a mainstay for festivals, concerts and other venues in the region. This is from

Take six talented musicians who work at Colonial Williamsburg by day and love to play traditional Celtic music in their spare time, who like to experiment with sounds and unexpected twists,  and top it all off with an unusual name. That’s Poisoned Dwarf. “We stick with the traditional Irish music, but we have fun with the arrangements and what we do with the tunes,” said fiddler Wayne Hill, a member since 2005. Often after a performance,  he said, the band will be approached by young adults or teens who say they enjoy the “feisty approach” the band takes with some of the songs.

While many of the band members balance their full-time jobs and families and other musical pursuits, they take time to perform as Poisoned Dwarf at festivals and events. They also play annually at The Corner Pocket in New Town for St. Patrick’s Day, but for the most part, prefer family venues over bars and taverns.

At the Revolutionary City, they hold an annual concert in early December at the Kimball Theatre, and a holiday-themed Celtic concert at the DeWitt Wallace Museum’s Hennage Auditorium. For the third year, the band performed at the March 15 “Pints & Pairings” event, which Hill describes as a lot of fun for the guests as well as for the band members.

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